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Cakes: 3 milk cakes, Ice Cream Cakes, Cupcakes, Cashisflan, Chocoflan, and Gelatins.

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Here we have what you Want: Marbel Cake, Red Velvet, Cream Cheese, Rasberry Frosting, Chocolate Cake, Mango Cake, Fruit Cake, Vanilla Cake, Moka, Capuccino, And tres Leches Cake, Gelatine, Flan, Cheese cake flan, Chocoflan,

Pastelitos de guayaba con queso, pastelitos de pinia, orejitas, Rollitos de Coco, Galletitas de Nuez, Galletitas de Mantequilla, Galletitas de Chocolate Chip, Galletitas de Polvoron, Conchas, Cuernitos, Bolillos, Gusanitos, Yoyos, Elotitos y Empanadas.